low impact strength circuit

lift more
stress less

LIFT = 7 stations of squatting, lunging, pressing and pushing. Light on the jumping, heavy on the resistance

Pushing a heavy load is the original marker for total fitness, and for good reason. Strength training is well documented for its many benefits, which ricochet into other areas of fitness.The stronger you get the faster you will run, the further you will jump, the longer you will plank and the more calories you will burn

With over 500 different combinations, our LIFT circuits are focused on increasing your max strength and creating rock-solid foundations. Designed to perfectly marry-up with the CIRQ sessions, LIFT will sky-rocket your base strength and enable you to outperform your personal best in all other areas of fitness

  • Fact 1 - Muscles have a higher metabolic rate than fat, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn (including at rest)
  • Fact 2 - Resistance training increases production of feel-good hormones (serotonin / endorphins), helping with a balanced mind-set and also with better sleep

Lift More | Stress Less


LIFT is Robin to
CIRQ’s Batman

Designed to be heavy hitting yet low-impact, LIFT is Tom to CIRQ’s Jerry, Pooh to his Piglet, Rum to its Coke (you get the Ying Yang thing). LIFT doesn’t mess about, do not expect an easy ride. Her high resistance interval training combined with core isometric holds ensures no muscle is left behind

We recommend (well, we would) you combine CIRQ and LIFT sessions per week for ultimate full-body fitness



We're big advocates for efficiency and true full-body fitness #nomuscleleftbehind

7 stations | 45minutes | multiple muscles hit


It’s your fitness time and the LIFT classes are designed for max strength gains in only 3.125% of your day

Gains and Good Times

LIFT boost


Same as LIFT, just boostier (35mins)

You'll find these classes during the lunch hour. Designed so you can train, fuel-up and be back at the desk brimming with endorphins without compromising your lunch hour.

Get in. Get Fit. Get Out

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