THERE’S NO I IN TEAM, but there is in CIRQ

Sit Next To Them All Day - So Why Not hiit Next To Them

You spend more time with your colleagues than anyone else. That makes your workmates some of the most important people in your life.

The people surrounding you can make a massive impact on your day. That’s when working in a strong and supportive team can actually matter the most.

We get that you don’t need more ‘team-building exercises’ spent competing to build the highest tower out of empty toilet roll holders or troubleshooting what resources to take to the moon first. Forget toilet paper and pump-up those inner-office dynamics with partner workouts, squat challenges and buckets of endorphins.

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  • Taking the team out of the office might be easy, but giving them respite from thinking about work can be trickier. Once you step into the studio - focus on the exercise, tune into the music, and switch off from the spreadsheets.
  • In a team, members push & pull together (quite literally) beyond their own limits to reach the same goal. Completing a session together is the first easy win. Next - bring on this month’s KPI’s.


Escape the desk (for just 50 minutes) and enter CIRQ.

Whether you’re looking for some stress relief or a motivation boost, CIRQ is centred around the individual, catering to all levels of fitness. You lift what's right for you, squat your way and rest when you need to - there's no one-size-fits-all here.

don't think, just do; switch off from your to-do list and follow clear screen instructions as immersive lights, music and our coaches push you through. You bring your team, we’ll bring everything else.


Fully Immersive Functional Fitness

Train On Your Time With HIIT & Strength Circuits

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