Covid secure

CIRQ has been redesigned to be extremely Covid secure. We are following our industry guidelines (UK Active) and more.

The below list will be updated weekly as new actions are added.


  • no more station sharing & no more equipment sharing. There will be only 18 people per CIRQ session and everyone will have their own screen and equipment. You will stay at your station for the entire workout with space around you and partition screens separating each station
  • the layout may have changed, but the workout isn't compromised - expect a full-body burn with multiple exercises every session
  • the air within the studio is constantly pulled out and new fresh air (from high level) pumped into the studio
  • the Coach will always be wearing a mask


  • during quiet times all equipment will be cleaned with our fogging machine. no inch will be left untouched as we mist our anti-viral & non-toxic product over every piece of kit and mats.
  • we have anti-viral cleaning sprays at every station


  • the studio will be deep cleaned every evening, with particular emphasis on all touch-points, flooring and equipment
  • during the day CIRQ staff will clean all touch-points on an hourly basis


  • upon reopening the CIRQ studio will only have max 18 exercisers plus the Coach


  • sensor non-touch anti-bacterial dispensers will be at all entrances and exits
  • we will implement whatever the final guidelines are from UK Active, but we politely request all visitors wear a mask upon entering the studio and wear a mask within all communal spaces


  • CIRQ will follow Government and UK Active guidelines regarding the use of showers (update nearer the time of reopening)
  • The lockers will be available to use with social distancing policies in place

Any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to

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