our way of doing things

Built Around You

You're busy, time is short and a rigid fitness class doesn’t always suit.

So... we created a group workout which caters to the individual. Enter CIRQ… where you slot into a non-stop circuit on your terms.

NO NEED TO BOOK, just turn-up and enter your member details into our booking portal.

Zero fitness time wasted, get in & get fit


Efficiently Full-Body

our 30 minute sessions are carefully designed and based in science to effectively tap into your cardio, conditioning, strength and power.

we guarantee;

a) a different session everyday

b) a total full-body workout

No one-dimension here, we're all over the 360

Function & Form*

*train fast, train right, train strong

moving properly

Form with Function

Functional Training is a renowned industry term, and rightly so

Moving your body in natural planes of motion is the most effective way to gain true full-body fitness

It’s the form of these moves, however, which we are especially keen. Our on-screen exercises and coaches will ensure you move properly as well as quickly and powerfully


CIRQ has been designed to create an immersive and varied workout every day. Escape London for an hour, opt into (or out of) daily challenges, train in your zone and work to the lights and sounds guiding you round the circuit.


Want to keep track of your progress...? CIRQ has you covered. Download our free app, strap on a chest belt and keep track of your workout scores. Coaches will be at hand to help you with any questions regarding your goals.

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