fully immersive, functional anytime circuits

01. What is it?

30 minutes of cardio and strength intervals across 9 stations. A hiit combo guaranteed to burn cals, drive muscle tone and increase power. As you press, squat, sprint, crawl and push your way through the circuit, CIRQ TV's and coaches keep you on point, ensuring you get the most from your fitness time

02. Own your zone

9 stations = 9 zones

At each zone you'll be challenged to push your max effort and smash your personal threshold. With thousands of different exercise combinations, you'll experience strength zones, core zones, cardio zones and power zones

03. Circuit immersion

CIRQ is a fully immersive circuit experience. Designed to ensure you don't waste a second of your fitness time, CIRQ TV's show clear instruction and work in tandem with interval timers, beeps, and the music to keep you fully engaged.

Don't think | Just do


Lots of exercises
done properly

04. Proper Form

  • Exercise with loads of variation. Yes.
  • Keep muscles guessing. Yes.
  • Train with functional movements. Yes.

All 3 are vital for total fitness. BUT, moving properly is just as important. CIRQ TV's at each station help you use correct form, maximising results



Our circuits our designed to tap-into our anaerobic cardiovascular system. Keep bodyweight movements rapid as you motor around the circuits and push your limits. Your body will thank you as you burn up calories 38 hrs after the session.

tip. train like you are running away from a crazed doberman - that exerted feeling right there, say hello to your anaerobic threshold.

Come hydrated, leave buzzed


At the heart of all our circuits is Metabolic Conditioning. A metcon straddles that elusive ground which promotes muscle and also taps in to your EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) to encourage fat burn.

In all our circuits expect a hybrid of cardio and resistance intervals

tip. go at your pace - have a target rep count per zone and up it every circuit

Build and Burn


CIRQ's power-play. Within our circuits you will often exert max force as you box-jump, burpee, hop and hurdle around the zones. Don't fret, there will always be respite with strength/core exercises amongst the explosive moves.

The power movements boost muscle endurance, whilst elevating heart-rate and promoting large calorie burn - the hiit dream

tip. coming down is just as important. Focus on those soft landings for max muscle recruitment



Amongst all the lifting, squatting, jumping and sprinting, we also put focus on what holds that all together - your core. Building up those foundations is key to overall fitness gains and you will always find core movements witin our circuits. What a planker...

Work Smart | Train Smart

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